About Barrera


Our mission is for our services to give HOAs the peace of mind that their budgets are on-track and their properties are protected for the long haul.


We live our values every day – both in how we interact with each other and with customers. To us, success means nothing unless it’s rooted in these values:

We give our employees the freedom to act and make decisions to serve our  customers. We foster an environment that motivates and challenges our employees so they perform at their best. We invest time, energy, and money to support our employees’ professional development.

We understand the importance of putting first things first and doing less more often so that we can provide the best customer service possible. Our customers are always right. We strive to exceed their expectations and delight them. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We want to be famous for delivering excellent, high-quality service, keeping our promises, and over-delivering every single time.

We are honest, responsible, and trustworthy. We will do what we say we’ll do. We’ll do what we believe is right, even if it costs us more. We do not cut corners or take the easy way out. We keep all of our promises and commitments.

We believe in the power of our team. We see the whole of our company as more than the sum of its parts. We think big, but act small, and we achieve our results through collaboration. We share best practices across our organization and create win-win opportunities both inside and outside the company. We believe great communication makes all of us better.

We believe that in a competitive landscape like ours we must continually innovate to succeed. We support an environment of continual creativity and encourage employees to initiate new ideas. We are committed to a data-driven approach to learning and never make hallow assumptions.

We believe that the long-term viability of our business is dependent upon a stable and sustainable world in which people are treated fairly and with respect. We treat everyone touched by our business the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We invest part of our profits, time, and energy to support our community.