Water Efficient Landscape Maintenance – The Easy Way

Here in California we’re experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades. State wide, officials are calling for more stringent limitations on water usage. Water conservation is becoming necessary and even mandatory.Whether your HOA needs to save water to comply with state mandates, wants to save money or simply wants to be eco friendly – summer lawn and yard maintenance is a great place to start.We’ve put together a list of commonly overlooked tips that your HOA can put into practice today with little or no money.

1. Water aggressively

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes – you heard that right. By watering your lawn more heavily but less often, you can actually conserve the total amount of water used. By watering more aggressively, the water will last much longer — meaning you can go for longer periods of time without needing to water.

2. Easy on the cleanup

When the lawn is mowed, try leaving some clippings (not too many as it will look sloppy and unmaintained). The clippings act as a natural fertilizer which helps keep the lawn healthy with less water.

3. Try Organic fertilizers

Extra grass clippings not doing the job? Organic fertilizers could be a good bet but be warned that they take a bit longer to show results. With that said, the results they offer will ultimately last much longer, and keep your lawn healthier. This is a good investment but definitely not a quick fix.

4. Don’t get carried away

Cutting your lawn too short can actually lead to root damage and ultimately a dying lawn. When most people see a dying lawn there first reaction is to give it more water. This can be avoided with one simple rule of thumb: only mow the grass by approximately one third of its current length.

These are just a few easy and cost effective methods. But don’t forget there’s plenty of other ways for your HOA to save water when it comes to landscape maintenance. If you are up for spending the time and money – be sure to look into things like drought resistant landscape, drip irrigation and smart controllers.


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